Sunday, September 28, 2008

art and a tuktuk in Ireland!

Sketching at heuston station (28th October)..took me a while to get going at this session..the ones on this page are the latter ones i did. I got a new sketching pad and the grain didn't take to well to marker so I switched to colouring pencils are these are the results. I had to leave early but I saw a Tuktuk (taxis in Sri Lanka) on the way to Croagh park so I had to pose!!!!


Tracy said...

Tuktuk in Ireland no less!! Well trust you to find it!!

Great sketches, fair play for doing the poses - that's not easy. Think a lot of people found it hard to settle into sketching yesterday.

SarahOR said...

yeah im hoping the life drawing classes will loosen me up again! Im heading into trinity today (its freshers week and Trinity artsworkshop will have a stand in front square) i intend to join and see if i can get a discount for booking 5 classes together!

Tracy said...

oooh clever you!! What time is it on until? I'd hardly make it though, maybe lunchtime but be a bit hectic!